People Counting in Museums,
Galleries and Public Spaces

How does people counting benefit museums, galleries and public spaces?

Museums, galleries and other public institutions need to be able to accurately measure their footfall as government grants and charitable donations, on which they often rely, are tied to visitor numbers.

Without evidence provided by people counting solutions, rough estimates of visitors might be the only evidence you have to secure appropriate levels of funds, and you risk seriously underestimating your own popularity.

People counting solutions offer an objective source of reliable data that you can use to study the attraction of your institution. Benefits include direct cost savings by deploying staff only where and when they are needed, identifying new opportunities for bringing in revenue and creating a better environment for your visitors, encouraging even more visits.

People Counting Application - Museums and Galleries

Benefits and ROI

iconfinder_check-circle-outline_326568 blackDeploy staff more effectively

By understanding how busy different areas of your attraction are and how this varies by day and by time of day, it enables management to more effectively deploy staff.

As well as potential cost savings, this optimisation of staff means a better experience for visitors as staff are where they need to be, when they need to be there.

iconfinder_check-circle-outline_326568 blackIdentify popular exhibits

To effectively plan for the future, allocate budgets and make important business decisions, you need to know objectively which exhibits are the most popular.

An Irisys people counting system can anonymously collect this information, all day, everyday, ensuring you have up to date and accurate data whenever you need to make important business decisions.

iconfinder_check-circle-outline_326568 blackMaximise retail opportunities

By analysing the movement of people within your attraction, you can identify the best location opportunities for retail or new attractions.

In free to enter attractions that rely on government funding, souvenir and gift shops offer a vital boost to revenue that should be maximised.

iconfinder_check-circle-outline_326568 blackIntelligently schedule maintenance

Maintenance of exhibits cannot always be done outside of working hours. For such jobs, it is essential that disruption is minimised by using data collected from people counting sensors to schedule maintenance when visitors numbers in that area are low.

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