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To find the answers to some common questions, please click on the links below:
  • Where can I find software, manuals, data sheets, etc? 

A wide range of support documentation and downloads can be accessed through our portal. Existing partners and customers can sign up for a free account to log in

  • Do you still support legacy products, including thermal imaging?

Yes, Irisys continues to support many of our legacy products. If you need downloads or documentation, please visit the portal, otherwise, contact us if you can’t find what you need.

  • What is infrared?

Infrared is a type of radiation with a wavelength that is longer than visible light. It cannot be seen, but it can be detected. We can sense it – as heat. Even objects that we think of as being very cold, such as an ice cube, emit infrared.

  • Do Irisys people counters emit infrared?

No, they merely detect naturally occurring infrared given off by people as heat.

  • Do Irisys people counters use passive or active infrared?

Irisys people counters detect naturally occurring infrared, and are therefore passive infrared technology.

  • What is the difference between passive and active infrared?

Active infrared is when infrared light is emitted and then detected when it bounces back off a surface. Passive infrared is the infrared given off naturally from the surface of a material.

So called ‘beam break’ counters use active infrared, Irisys people counters use passive infrared.

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