Tracking Footfall for a Clear Picture of Store Performance

With over 1,300 standalone stores across Canada as well as kiosks, street front locations and stores in shopping malls, being able to measure and compare performance was proving a challenge.

Ipsos Retail Performance provided a comprehensive solution which accommodated the differing store formats and locations; supplying weekly analytics reports.

"The company needed to analyse footfall and conversion rates, to be able to look at the outcome and then make business decisions with a high degree of confidence that they were based on sound data"
Peter Luff - President, Ipsos Retail Performance

Since implementation, there have been measurable improvements in operational efficiencies, better staff scheduling and an increase in overall customer satisfaction.

Store outlets included

Store performance judged on sales figures and now conversion rates 

Monitoring traffic and conversion has given the company a more accurate, holistic view of store performance.

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