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Why choose Gazelle 2?

Posted by Jordan Britchford on Jun 14, 2017 4:08:10 PM

The Gazelle 2 has become the preferred choice for many Irsys partners and end-users the world over, so what are the top reasons people are giving for choosing the Gazelle 2?

A new 90° lens

Giving a much wider field of view, the new 90° lens gives the Gazelle 2 greater options for installation, and ultimately means that a given area can be covered with fewer units - offering a significant cost saving. 

Faster installations

With optional Bluetooth technology on-site teams can connect to the Gazelle 2 much more easily, giving big savings of time and costs. The new 90° lens also means that there are more options for where you can install the sensor - on lower ceilings, on further from the door, all things that make it easier and faster to install. 

Very high reliability

Irisys devices have unmatched reliability, meaning fewer problems for partners to solve and longer uninterrupted data for the end-user. Combined with the low power consumption and remote configuration/validation capability, the Gazelle 2 has a very low cost of ownership. 

Wide openings

By linking together several units, data can be collected across a wide area as if by a single unit, give a more accurate count than multiple units counting independently. Entrances up to 50m wide can be covered using this feature.

Low light functionality

With Irisys' proprietary technology the Gazelle 2 uses a robust thermal-based people detection and counting system that works independently of ambient light conditions - so it will work even in total darkness.

Gazelle 2 - giving you more options for your projects


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