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Vector 4D Shortlisted for 2017 RBTE Innovation Trail and Award

Posted by Allen Haynes on Apr 24, 2017 5:18:10 PM

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Vector 4D, the world’s most advanced people counter launched by Irisys earlier this year, was named a finalist by an independent panel of judges for the 2017 RBTE Innovation Trail and Awards – an award program showcasing the newest, most innovative retail technology on the market.

As a shortlisted entry, Vector 4D will be featured in the Innovation Trail at RBTE – one the world’s largest retail technology expos – and highlighted on the show’s “Winners Wall.” The overall winner will be announced at RBTE on May 8.

Vector 4D utilizes Time of Flight technology, a cutting-edge solution that detects, tracks and measures people’s movement with state-of-the-science sophistication to deliver a new, more complete picture of retail traffic – a picture that is clearer and more accurate than those available through any predecessors.

Besides counting customers, Vector 4D can be configured to eliminate or count children as customers utilizing height measurement technology; deployed to monitor shopper dwell times; and installed in areas where older technologies cannot perform.

Vector 4D features include:

  • Future-proof design with high-power processor
  • Direct height measurement
  • Dwell time recording
  • High reliability, including in low-light conditions
  • Total privacy protection for the public
  • USB expansion port for accessories
  • Bluetooth, iBeacon and Wifi functionality
  • Remote audit, validation and configuration system

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