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Occupancy limits? Restrictions on gatherings? Social distancing?

SafeCount can help businesses and organisations ensure customers, visitors and employees have the space they need.


SafeCount - Tablet - Side by Side

Managing a Franchise: How to Ensure all Locations Manage Occupancy for Social Distancing

Moving from a Tally Counter to an Automated People Counting System

How to Maximise the Value of Occupancy Data

6 Mobile Apps to Count People and Measure Occupancy

How to Measure Occupancy for Social Distancing

Occupancy Data – Why Accuracy is Critical

People Counting: GDPR and your Privacy

What is a People Counter? Is it the Same as a Footfall Counter?

In-store Retail Analytics Using People Counters - What Data Can I Collect?

Go Beyond People Counting - Count in the Dark

Go Beyond People Counting - Trigger Attendance Calls for Customer Service Staff

Go Beyond People Counting - Measure Customer and Staff Interactions

Go Beyond People Counting - Measure Customer Dwell

Go Beyond People Counting - Employee Detection

Go Beyond People Counting - Introducing Vector 4D

If Your People Counter wasn’t the Most Accurate On The Market, Would You Be Satisfied?

US Retail Sales up 5 Percent Over Last Year, Continuing Upward Trend

Retail Estate Management: 4 Ways to Improve Marketing ROI

Vector 4D: The Only People Counter that Doesn't Count Staff

4 Things Your Reseller Won’t Tell You About Your People Counter

How People Counters Improve Your Bottom Line

What is Time of Flight People Counting?

Retail Technology: Why People Counters Alone Are Not Enough

Occupancy – The Missing Retail Metric

How busy is your store, and why does it matter?

NRF 2018 - Better Conversion Reigns as Top Retailer Need for Second Consecutive Year

5 Strategies for Developing a Productive Workforce

The Results of our 2018 NRF Retailer Survey!

Irisys Experts: Selecting the Right People Counting Vendor and Analytics Package

How are People Counters Used in Shopping Malls?

Irisys Experts - Vector 4D Q&A

Vector 4D People Counter - height measurement capability

How Footfall Counters Can Benefit Your Retail Store

How Do Footfall Counters Work?

NRF Special Series – Irisys’ Experts Q & A with Retail Business Consultant Lorie Fontaine-Demski

4 Retail Tips - How You Can Put Data To Work

Nearly Half of UK Stores Are Not Using Footfall Data to Improve Sales

A store within a store – how stores are becoming more like malls

Three Ways Irisys Can Help You Improve Store Conversion

People Counting Technology - Group Counting

Has America Seen Its Last New Mall?

UK Retail Sales Surge, Pound at Its Strongest Level in Eight Months

Vector 4D Height Measurement Capability

Customer Satisfaction: Are Bricks-and-Mortar Retailers Closing Gap on Internet Retailers?

What Analytics Do Retailers Want to See?

Vector 4D Shortlisted for 2017 RBTE Innovation Trail and Award

UK Retailers Struggling to Connect with Consumers, Create Unique Experience

The Results of our NRF retailer survey!

UK Holiday Sales Expected to Rise 3.5 – 4 Percent Calming Brexit Concerns

U.S. Holiday Sales Expected to Rise, Seasonal Hiring Remains Strong as Retailers Prepare for Busy Shopping Season

4 Reasons Retail Stores Matter Now More Than Ever

Business Booming for U.S. Brick-and-Mortars Who Understand Customers

People Counting: The Solution for Back to School Shopping

Customer Experience: The Key to Retail Marketing

4 Ways Retailers Can Put Data to Work

How to improve your retail conversion ratio

Data Drives the New Age of Retail Customer Experience

Irisys People Counting Blog - Case Studies

Industry in Review: Shoppers Crave Experience, Creating Opportunity for Brick-and-Mortars

Thermal 2.0 – the future of thermal imaging

A Beginners Guide to People Counting Software

Irisys Celebrates Milestone Year Marked with Quality and Innovation

How thermal kinetics solve operational challenges

UK, U.S. Retailers Expect Unprecedented Black Friday Success

Applying thermal intelligence to people counting

U.S. Holiday Sales Expected to Rise 3.7 Percent

Irisys’ Estate Manager Software takes CoreTech Solutions to New Level of Customer Service

Irisys Launches Accreditation Program to Drive High-Quality Installation of People Counting Devices

U.S. Consumers to Browse Online Before Making In-Store Purchases

Measuring Traffic in High Volume Areas – How Irisys Thermal Sensors Unlock the Key to Efficiency

U.S. Ecommerce Sales Hit All-Time High, But Retail Still About Experience

Brick and Mortar, Customer Experience Keys to Retail Success

UK Luxury Sales See Little Growth Despite Banner Year for Retail Overall

U.S. Shoppers Want More Seamless In-Store, Online Experience

Meet Experian Footfall at APCREC 2015, Shanghai

VoloForce Partners with Global People Counting Leader Irisys for Intelligent Device Integration

North American Retailers Plan to Invest in Customer Experience in 2015

See You at NRF 2015 Jan. 11-13

Irisys Celebrates Another Year Marked with Pacesetting Achievement

U.S. Black Friday Sales Disappoint, Double Digit Drop in Holiday Spending Predicted

US Retailers Expect Black Friday Sales to Soar

UK Retailers Seeing Fastest Growth in Three Years

Apple Pay Essentials: What You Need to Know

Holiday Hiring to be Highest since 1999 as Retailers Prepare for Busy Shopping Season

U.S. Holiday Sales Expected to be Highest Since 2011

‘Showrooming’ Just Showy Hype? U.S. Consumers More Likely to ‘Webroom’

Click and Collect - The Next Big Thing for retail?

Clothing, Footwear Lead UK’s Retail Growth in August

Retailers Are Embracing Omnichannel Shopping Experience Strategy

Brick-and-Mortars Must Innovate as Ecommerce Sales Continue to Rise

People Counting Intelligence Could Turn Tide for Gloucester’s Shrinking Superstore Crowds

UK Increases Brick-and-Mortar Retail Technology Investments in 2014

Amazon Prime Ups Membership Fee – and Opportunities for Traditional Retailers

Make 2014 Count: Industry Group Forecasts 4.1% Retail Industry Growth

U.S. Shoppers Want In-Store Experience to Mirror Online Convenience

More Retailers Using Analytics but Need Help for Stronger, Effective Use of Incoming Data

People Counting Technology Leaps into Next Generation with Gazelle

Black Friday Draws Large Crowds but Low Sales as Shoppers Head Online

Irisys Retail Technology Helps Alleviate Privacy Concerns of In-store Consumer Tracking

Holiday Hiring Expected to Take a Hit, but the In-Store Experience Doesn’t Have to

Grocers Could Soon Face Amazonian-sized Online Competition

Irisys Highlights Partners, Thermal Solutions at NRF Retail’s BIG Show 2013

Capture Unprecedented Door-to-Door Analytics

How do you know if your customers are ‘showrooming’?

Surviving Black Friday Crowds…All Year Long

8 strategies to make the most of Christmas footfall for retailers

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