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4 Important Facts About Retail Customer Experience

Posted by Allen Haynes on Apr 5, 2016 2:31:34 PM

The retail marketplace has always been highly competitive; but the ongoing growth of online retailers have now snatched a huge proportion of customers away from traditional high streets and shopping centres. As a result, competition to encourage shoppers back into stores is now fiercer than ever.

Traditional retailers are however fighting back against the dominance and popularity of online retailers by looking at improving the customer experience whilst in-store. 50% of customers still prefer to buy a product in-store, so retailers are looking at ever-more inventive ways to make customer visits as engaging and pleasurable as possible.

Of course, improving the customer retail experience isn’t just a case of offering the products they love at a competitive cost; there are a number of important factors that come into play that can help shoppers not only willing to part with their cash in store, but also return again and again as they simply enjoy the experience of visiting.