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    What does a pilot study offer?

    Many of our customers prefer to pilot one of our systems in just a few of their locations, or in just part of their building before rolling out across the rest of their business. Irisys and our partners have supported many schemes, and we can help you to plan your own pilot.

    Use the opportunity to:

    • Infrared-Radiation-round-imgSee how your system works, and measure the return on investment
    • Plan training for your staff throughout the company
    • Decide on the reports you would like to run, and see how they will fit into your business strategy
    • Start directly comparing the performance of different locations, and make improvements across them accordingly

    Some of our customers ask for only very short pilot studies, or choose to greatly speed up the process once they see the benefits their new analytics deliver. As Irisys holds stocks of our most popular products for our partners, and we manufacture the devices in-house, you can be sure that we will be able to facilitate this quickly, without compromising on quality.


    Moving on to installing your system, we can work with our local partners to assess the situation at your premises, whether you have one or many more. Each location where the system will be installed will be surveyed and an appropriate network of devices created to meet your requirements, so you can start collecting and using your data as soon as possible.

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