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Irisys to Celebrate 20 Years of Innovation, Success in Retail Intelligence

Posted by Allen Haynes on Apr 4, 2016 3:05:16 PM

-- Founded in 1996, Irisys has taken pioneering products to market, experienced dynamic growth for two decades --

 NORTHAMPTON, UK and ATLANTA (April 4, 2016) – Irisys, the world’s No. 1 supplier of people counting detectors and grocery queue intelligent systems, will celebrate its 20th anniversary Friday, April 15. Since its inception, Irisys has shipped more than 350,000 people counting sensors, introduced state-of-the-science products and developed a worldwide network of high-tech innovators that utilize Irisys technology to develop timely, empowering solutions. With more than 145 partners, Irisys’ extensive network spans more than 100 countries and is the industry’s largest, most sophisticated consortium of retail-technology providers.

 “For 20 years, we have been committed to not only meeting and exceeding retailers’ expectations, but anticipating them as well,” says Chris Precious, president, Irisys Americas. “One way we’ve accomplished this is through our extremely low rate of returned product, which is currently 0.06 percent. This astoundingly low rate validates our industry-leading reliability and superior manufacturing standards.”

Irisys’ infrared thermal imaging solutions are used by some of the world’s leading retailers to boost customer service, operational efficiency and profitability, including Kroger, Tesco, Staples, Adidas, Samsung and more.

“Our technology has proven to deliver significant, measurable impact on business efficiency and contribute to quality-of-life improvements for customers since our inception,” says Precious. “It is a true testament to our leadership, our business plan and our commitment to growing scalable solutions that we have flourished despite fluctuating economies and other barriers across the globe.”

Irisys has celebrated a number of achievements recently, including:

  • Introducing Thermal 2.0 technology – Driven by the newest scientific advances in thermal kinetics, this innovative, high-resolution thermal imaging sees in difficult to view places, including low-light and no-light, bringing about unprecedented, actionable retail intelligence, which, in turn, will provide stronger revenue and customer satisfaction opportunities.
  • Taking the industry’s first truly robust, user-friendly software suite, Estate Manager, to market – Delivering new ease and efficiency in installing, monitoring and managing Irisys’ IP-enabled people counting devices, the Web- and cloud-based solution gives unprecedented levels of access to an estate of devices from virtually anywhere with Internet or Wi-Fi connectivity.

As Irisys looks to the next 20 years, leadership plans to keep to its mission of providing retailers with excellence, integrity and innovative thinking to deliver the best retail intelligent solutions the industry has to offer.

“It’s an exciting time to be part of the retail industry,” says Precious. “Never before has it seen such tremendous change in such a short amount of time. We look forward to continuing our pace-setting excellence by leveraging this new era of science and industry to further enhance our anticipatory, client-centered solutions.”

About Irisys

Irisys is a high-tech innovator pioneering new solutions to bring strategic insight and expanded capabilities to an array of industries worldwide. Combining discreet infrared technology and intelligent software, Irisys technology provides actionable information that can be used to drive operational efficiencies and improve business performance. Delivering faster checkout lines, cleaner facilities, higher-security perimeters, and more, Irisys’ solutions are deployed throughout the globe’s leading retail operations, publicly and privately owned buildings, airports, security systems, quick-serve restaurants and other facilities. For more information, visit