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Intelligent Sensors Uncover New Revenue and Space-Utilization Opportunities for Network Rail

Posted by Natasha Gingles on Aug 15, 2014 3:12:00 PM

NORTHAMPTON, UK (Aug. 13, 2014) – Britain’s largest train stations are increasingly popular destinations for retail, food and drink – in addition to traveling by rail. That’s what the data from more than 1,700 discreet infrared sensors deployed throughout Network Rail’s largest train stations uncovered in its effort to discover not just how many people use its stations – but actually how they use them as part of its goal to improve passenger perception.


Chain Store Age magazine features Irisys’ retail solutions

Posted by Chris Giallanza on Jun 13, 2012 2:06:00 PM

From stores to mobile apps and kiosks, more and more purchasing channels are quickly becoming available to today’s consumers, which means traditional retailers must deploy innovative strategies to keep customers coming through their doors.


Handwash Monitoring System Aims to Boost Compliance, Prevent Infections

Posted by Chris Giallanza on May 22, 2012 1:20:00 PM

Groundbreaking new technology that seeks to boost handwashing compliance to help prevent the nearly 2 million hospital-acquired infections that occur annually in the United States will be previewed in North America June 4 – 6 at APIC 2012 in San Antonio. Nearly 100,000 Americans die annually from these infections, according to the Infectious Diseases Society of America.


Irisys launches first low‐cost, high‐spec visual/thermal imaging camera

Posted by Richard Strange on Feb 2, 2011 11:47:00 PM

The feature‐rich, user‐friendly IR16DS is a competitively priced system, bringing immensely capable dual imaging technology to engineers everywhere.


Irisys launches top spec, low cost building thermal imager

Posted by Richard Strange on Oct 1, 2010 2:53:00 PM

The new Irisys thermal imaging camera for buildings is the best-equipped entry level device on the market - with the highest specification in its class.


How much energy is my building really losing?

Posted by Richard Strange on Oct 1, 2010 11:33:00 AM

Governments want businesses and consumers to find ways to save energy. But there is still much ignorance about how to assess where it is being lost from buildings. The answer is a thermal imaging survey.

Recent reports claim that different Governments around the world may introduce taxes for households and commercial enterprises whose buildings are not sufficiently insulated. Whether or not these reports are true, the fact is that buildings are a major contributor of greenhouse gases. Some estimates have buildings responsible for as much as 40% of all emissions.

There are clear social and economic arguments for reducing energy consumption and ensuring buildings are adequately insulated. But how do you discover which parts of your buildings need most attention? Energy leaking from buildings is in the infrared part of the spectrum and cannot be seen with the naked eye. To track it, you need a thermal imaging camera. These can measure and calculate the difference in temperature between surfaces to as little as 0.05°C. If there is a ‘leakage’ of energy from a building - such as heat loss from a house or office, or cold air from an industrial refrigeration plant - the thermal imaging survey spots it.

Most energy loss in buildings comes from the roof, doors and windows. Walls are also key areas, explained Sat Sandhu, product marketing manager at Irisys, a leading thermal image camera manufacturer.

“No end of companies offer to install double glazing, cavity wall and loft insulation to both private homes and commercial buildings. But even reputable installers often miss areas of leakage,” he said. “Poor installation can mean new windows leak more energy through spaces around the frame than they save by having them installed in the first place.”

For private homeowners, the answer is to call in a professional thermographer: someone trained to use a thermal camera, interpret the images, and offer appropriate advice. Larger organisations with dedicated facility and building managers can do the same, or can buy their own thermal imaging camera and train their people to use it.

Just released, the Irisys IRI4015 building thermal imager is the most feature packed and easy to use thermal image camera for its price. “Whether you want to buy a device or find a local expert to provide you with a thermal image survey, the Irisys network of distributors and partners can help,” said Sat Sandhu.


Irisys launches top spec, low cost building thermal imager IRI 4015

Posted by Richard Strange on Sep 30, 2010 4:02:00 PM

The new Irisys thermal imaging camera for buildings is the best equipped entry level device on the market - with the highest specification in its class.

Irisys, the world leading developer and producer of innovative infrared based devices, has launched its latest entry level thermal imaging camera for buildings.

The Irisys IRI4015 boasts the highest specification in its class and is designed to offer the best price/performance on the market.

“This thermal imaging camera is specifically targeted at the building market and building service providers,” explained Sat Sandhu, product marketing manager at Irisys. “Thermographers and building maintenance teams alike will be able to afford this simple-to-operate device.”

The IRI4015 is robust enough for the day-to-day rigours of operating in the field. However, sensitivity and clarity of image are not compromised. The system boasts a temperature sensitivity of 0.05°C and a screen resolution of 160x120 pixels – 33% higher than its nearest rivals. With a temperature range of -20°C to +125°C and a rechargeable battery life of 6 hours, the IRI4015 is ideal for carrying out all building and maintenance surveys and analysis.

The IRI4015 features an auto on-screen temperature lock to the highest and coolest points on the image being analysed, a feature normally found only on cameras twice the price. Image collection is made simple by the SD card provided which can store over 1,000 high quality digital images.

These images can then be analysed and presented using the Irisys report writing software package, also provided with the camera.

Use of thermal imaging surveys to detect potential issues in commercial buildings is not new. However, the range of uses is now expanding as products, such as the IRI4015, become more affordable.

“Understanding where a building is losing excess energy is very important,” said Sat Sandhu. “The IRI4015 makes it possible to spot areas where insulation is missing or non-existent. It can also discover other hidden dangers that could affect the overall structure and integrity of a building. Areas of damp or damp ingress can cause a huge amount of damage if undetected and treated. Thermal imaging cameras can reveal not only where water is collecting, but also where it is initially penetrating.

Even infestations of vermin in buildings and thatched roofs can be found using thermal imaging technology – so it is not just for industrial applications.”

The new Irisys IRI4015 thermal imaging camera for buildings is available through all Irisys distributors. For more information, go to


Irisys 5300 Thermal Image CCTV

Posted by Richard Strange on May 13, 2010 3:19:00 PM

The IRI5300 offers outstanding imaging performance for night vision and surveillance applications. Featuring an uncooled high resolution 384x288 sensor, the camera combines the traditional Irisys features of performance, flexibility and minimal cost of ownership.


New IRI 2010 camera takes guesswork out of thermal imaging

Posted by Richard Strange on Apr 16, 2009 3:17:00 PM

A new thermal imaging camera that takes the guesswork out of temperature measurement, by fusing visual and thermal images on to the same screen, has been launched to meet the needs of electrical contractors, maintenance engineers, HVAC professionals, energy inspectors and auditors, and engineers in construction and the automotive industry.

The IRI 2010 is the first in a new range of British designed and manufactured thermal imaging cameras produced by Northampton-based thermal imaging specialists Irisys, who have spent 18 months developing the technology that will give tradesmen an invaluable tool for temperature and hot/cold spot detection for around £2,000.

It will be ideal for engineers seeking to identify problems with wiring, fuses, resistors, overheating mechanical equipment, including worn bearings, as well as heat loss through ill fitting windows and doors, and poor building insulation.

Two temperature measurement points are provided to enable the user to accurately, and easily, pin point hot (or cold) spots. The strengths of the two images may be blended for ease of interpretation of the data presented, and rapid identification ofpotential faults.

With temperature measurement parameters ranging from -10°C to 350°C, and a recording accuracy of +/- 2% / 2°C, the IRI 2010 is ideal for most applications, but particularly predictive maintenance programs.

The ease of temperature troubleshooting is enhanced by the incorporation within the unit of an audio facility that enables the operator to attach a voice tag to an image, that can verbally describe and record data associated with the thermal and visual images for later play back. Pre setting of high and low parameters, automatically invokes audio and visual alarms for instant identification of equipment operating outside its defined temperatures, user defined thresholds, or other abnormal conditions.

The lightweight, robust rubber and plastic enclosure of the 2010, houses a 1,000- image SD card, a rechargeable six-hour battery, a laser pointer for positional accuracy of the camera, head phone socket, and a USB point for the down load of images to computer and subsequent analysis and report generation. It may be used with or without a handle, and meets IP54 standard for water and dust ingress.

The bright, back-lit 3½ inch screen displays clear images in landscape format in eight different selectable colour pallets for ease of viewing. Ease of operation is achieved by the icon-driven menu structure, and no specialist training is required.

As the multi-language imager is the lowest priced thermal imaging/visual camera combination of its type in the world, Irisys is expecting demand from its international network of distributors to be so great it has upgraded its production facility in Northampton for high volume manufacture of the IRI 2010.


Police Product Review feature Irisys thermal imaging technology

Posted by Richard Strange on Oct 12, 2008 8:54:00 PM

Police product review feature how Irisys thermal imaging technology is assisting British transport police in their commitment to fight against graffiti vandalism.


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