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Get buy-in from your boss using these 5 influencing techniques

Posted by Jordan Britchford on Sep 28, 2017 11:56:11 AM

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Create a clear vision

If you want to create a convincing case for something then you need to create a clear vision of what improvements it will bring, a plan about how it can be achieved, and a motivating message about why the effort is worthwhile. Bring these all together ahead of time – you only get one chance to make a first impression.

Back up your arguments with evidence

Without a strong demonstration that your plans can actually achieve what you claim they can then you are going to face questions and objections that you will find very difficult to answer. Explaining the evidential basis for your reasoning as you run through the plan will give your audience that much more confidence in it.


Listen to your boss’s needs and demonstrate how your plan works towards your shared goals. Try to anticipate potential objections, and be ready to have some flexibility with your plan so that you can accommodate unexpected problems. Actively listen to the other stakeholders for the plan and then address their concerns directly.

Be assertive

You have to show that you are confident in your own plans, be willing to defend them where necessary and to use the strengths of your plan to convince an audience that may initially be sceptical about its merit.


Sometimes your idea may not initially convince your boss, in spite of your best efforts. Perhaps you haven’t got all the details right, perhaps there are circumstances outside of your control that render it impractical, or maybe it just isn’t the right time to implement it. Whatever the reason, if you have confidence in your plan then think about why it didn’t work this time, and make improvements so that you can solve these problems and make your case successfully.

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