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High-Tech Checkout, Reduced Wait Impresses Grocery Customers

Posted by Chris Giallanza on May 23, 2012 1:28:00 PM

Long lines – we wait in them at the bank; at the movie theater; at the box office; and especially at the supermarket.

Grocers and many other retailers are always looking for ways to boost their customer service over that of their competition. From the days of “take-a-number” machines to self-checkout lanes – innovation drives the checkout experience.

Thermal-powered checkout and people counting technologies can help grocers more effectively utilize their staff while ensuring customers wait a minimal amount of time at the front-end. Faster checkout times can lead to increased spending and may boost customer loyalty.

Supermarket News recently examined the effect of Kroger’s new technology on its customers’ shopping experiences. See the full article here.

And the effect can be seen in local Kroger stores across the country. In Fort Wayne, Ind., for example, the local CBS affiliate spoke with some hometown customers to see what they thought of Kroger’s new checkout technology. See the full article on here.

From entry to exit, thermal technology is key to improving customer service and enables grocers to minimize the hassle of checkout while more efficiently managing front-end operations.

Thermal technology provides an innovative, non-intrusive approach to streamlining retail checkouts.