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Irisys ships v3.3 of its world leading people counters

Posted by Richard Strange on Mar 13, 2012 6:42:00 AM

Northampton UK based high tech manufacturer Irisys announces the release of the next version of its industry leading third generation people counters. Building on the current unique feature set and the inherent advantage of using thermal detection over video or other methods for accurate people counting, version 3.3 contains a number of new enhancements including:

  • Up to 16 counting lines and 32 count registers
  • Advanced counter line logic
  • Shopper group mode
  • Data interface module
  • IP connection router software

Dr Ian Wilcock, Chief Operating Officer commented “in designing these new features, we sought feedback from our partners with an extensive voice of the customer campaign. This gives us confidence that Irisys people counters will remain at the forefront of the industry in terms of performance, feature set and price”

Looking in more detail at what is new in version 3.3, firstly a couple of features designed to increase flexibility and accuracy of counting in specific types of locations:

  • With up to 16 counting lines now possible, this allows not just in and out counts to be produced, but many other counting scenarios to be covered such as an increased number of individual doorways, or separating the direction of customer flow down different aisles in a store. For example, counting and excluding staff is a common request. So the system will now enable a ‘staff zone’ to be defined from which staff can be counted and excluded. In addition, counting at complex entrances, elevators etc. where people follow complex trajectories, can all be counted accurately for the first time.
  • Associated with the new 16 lines is what we are calling advanced counter line logic. The inclusion of advanced counter logic now allows counting of more complex behaviours with all the calculations performed within the counting device itself. This flexible feature allows many common customer requests to be addressed, for example excluding staff that originate from a particular location, counting traffic flows at complex intersections, and the summation of multiple doorway counts into a single count. This is useful, for example, when the output from a people counter goes into another system where post collection data calculations are not possible.

Next, we have responded to requests for a shopper group mode. This mode enables people who are walking together to be ‘grouped’ into a single count. Whilst it is always good practice to count every individual to ensure a like for like set of data when comparing different conversion rates, the shopper group function may be useful where the number of shopper units or ‘wallets’ is required such as at a supermarket for example, rather than the total number of people entering a store. A flexible slider enables this to be fine tuned to cover off a range of different scenarios.

Finally, we recognise that as the world moves more and more to IP connectivity, we have two new features designed to make life easier. In order to avoid multiple IP connections for multiple different devices, we have developed a data interface module which means several external data sources can be connected to an Irisys IP people counter and the data collected and transferred alongside the people count data. In other words, the Irisys device can now act as a data hub. So, for example, you may have a beam system, a car counting system or other legacy relay type system which you want to collect the data from. Using the interface module the Irisys counter can gather the count data from the external system and send all the data back in the same format, using a single IP port and even put it into a data base for you.

In addition, in navigating today’s secure IP networks, it can be a challenge to access IP devices through firewalls and other ‘locked down’ networks in order to obtain the data or to setup devices. In order to aid these situations, Irisys has developed connection routing software which allows connection of multiple software tools to multiple people counters through firewalls and proxy servers. This will aid considerably in the practical implementation of people counting installation in the real world.

These new developments help explain why the Irisys thermal technology continues to be the world’s leading technology for accurate, discrete people counting.

Irisys v3.3 people counting