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Irisys launches top spec, low cost building thermal imager

Posted by Richard Strange on Oct 1, 2010 2:53:00 PM

The new Irisys thermal imaging camera for buildings is the best-equipped entry level device on the market - with the highest specification in its class.

Irisys, the world leading developer and producer of innovative infrared- based devices, has launched its latest entry level thermal imaging camera for buildings.

The Irisys IRI4015 boasts the highest specification in its class and is designed to offer the best price/performance on the market.

“This thermal imaging camera is specifically targeted at the building market and building service providers,” explained Sat Sandhu, product marketing manager at Irisys. “Thermographers and building maintenance teams alike will be able to afford this simple-to-operate device.”

The IRI4015 is robust enough for the day-to-day rigours of operating in the field. However, sensitivity and clarity of image are not compromised. The system boasts a temperature sensitivity of 0.05°C and a screen resolution of 160x120 pixels – 33% higher than its nearest rivals. With a temperature range of -20°C to +125°C and a rechargeable battery life of 6 hours, the IRI4015 is ideal for carrying out all building and maintenance surveys and analysis.

The IRI4015 features an auto on-screen temperature lock to the highest and coolest points on the image being analysed, a feature normally found only on cameras twice the price. Image collection is made simple by the SD card provided which can store over 1,000 high quality digital images.

Red Hot Intelligence

These images can then be analysed and presented using the Irisys report writing software package, also provided with the camera.

Use of thermal imaging surveys to detect potential issues in commercial buildings is not new. However, the range of uses is now expanding as products, such as the IRI4015, become more affordable.

“Understanding where a building is losing excess energy is very important,” said Sat Sandhu. “The IRI4015 makes it possible to spot areas where insulation is missing or non-existent. It can also discover other hidden dangers that could affect the overall structure and integrity of a building. Areas of damp or damp ingress can cause a huge amount of damage if undetected and treated. Thermal imaging cameras can reveal not only where water is collecting, but also where it is initially penetrating. Even infestations of vermin in buildings and thatched roofs can be found using thermal imaging technology – so it is not just for industrial applications.”

The new Irisys IRI4015 thermal imaging camera for buildings is available through all Irisys distributors.