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Irisys announces International partnership with Synovate Retail Performance

Posted by Richard Strange on Apr 13, 2011 11:45:00 AM

Retail analysis experts Synovate Retail Performance to deploy Irisys people counting technology to capture shopper footfall data. Irisys, the global leader in solutions for customer counting and queue management, has announced another major international partnership. Synovate Retail Performance, a world force in retail footfall monitoring and consumer behavioural analysis, is to use Irisys thermal technology to track the movements of billions of shoppers.

Irisys people counters are already at the heart of customer flow intelligence systems installed in many thousands of supermarkets, stores, shopping malls, transport hubs, and leisure facilities around the world. Non intrusive and unaffected by lighting conditions which can destabilise other technologies, Irisys people counters accurately detect people by their body heat profile.

Understanding customer traffic flows, and verifying the numbers, plays a key part in the management of a successful retail business. Synovate Retail Performance will deploy the Irisys sensors to capture data which they then analyse to provide retailers with insights to measure, manage, and improve customer volume, sales opportunities, store conversion rates, staff efficiency, promotional activity, and in-store lay-outs.

Synovate Retail Performance is recognised as a leading industry expert in the field of shopper behaviour and retail industry performance trends. The company already monitors more than 1.1 billion annual visits to over 6,500 retail premises, and operates in more than 20 markets across Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific.

“This agreement with Synovate is further proof that our people counting technologies lead the world,” said Nick Stogdale, Divisional Director, People Counting, at Irisys. “We’re very pleased that after thorough evaluation, Synovate Retail Performance opted for our systems.”

“Our investment in Irisys people counting sensors will enable the capture of accurate data, so that we can provide global retailers with the deepest insights to their store performance,” said Peter Luff, Managing Director at Synovate Retail Performance. “Retail intelligence technology is an area where the UK is at the cutting edge, and we’re delighted to be working with a leader in the field as part of our solution