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Irisys Announces International Partnership With Qmatic

Posted by Richard Strange on Mar 17, 2011 4:25:00 AM

CFM giant opts for world’s first IP‐enabled thermal imaging and video people counter.

Irisys, the leader in British infrared solutions, has announced its latest international partnership. Customer Flow Management giant Qmatic is to use hundreds of the new Irisys IRC3030 people counters with video capability, initially to manage traffic flows in a major Greek shopping centre.

Qmatic is a world leader in Customer Flow Management, or CFM, with 1.8 billion people – more than a quarter of the world’s population passing through its systems every year. The company’s products are used in over 122 countries, and the agreement with Irisys signals a key worldwide opportunity for the Northampton‐based high‐technology business.

Well managed customer flows in a retail environment produce significant benefits. In the short term, sales and productivity can increase by up to 30%, and costs decrease by a similar level. CFM also increases customer and staff satisfaction by creating a relaxed atmosphere, with a controlled and fair waiting process. CFM, people counting data, and insights, also drive ongoing and long term business improvements, allowing retailers to plan correct staffing levels, and to monitor the conversion performance of each store.

Irisys people counters, powered by the company’s sensor technology, are already at the heart of customer flow intelligence systems installed in many thousands of supermarkets, shopping malls, transport hubs, theatres, and museums around the world.

The IRISYS IRC3030 ‘DualView’ is the latest model in the Irisys thermal imaging people counter family, and is the world’s first dual technology counting device. An embedded web browser allows live video and thermal views to be observed simultaneously, providing an unmatched level of accuracy. The counter can be configured and viewed locally or over the internet, cutting time and costs dramatically.

“The agreement with Qmatic is yet more proof that our people counting technologies lead the world,” said Nick Stogdale, Customer Services Director at Irisys. “The fact that Qmatic is the first major player to adopt DualView says much for their foresight and market understanding.”

“People counting today is an additional, but totally aligned component of CFM, and the potential for this combined offering is significant said Alistair Agnew, Chief Marketing Officer at Qmatic. “This development can only make Qmatic’s message as well as our offering even stronger.