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Irisys announces Series 3000 people counters

Posted by Richard Strange on May 14, 2010 4:17:00 PM

Irisys is pleased to announce the launch of its new generation of thermal based people counters – the series 3000 family. This new series replaces and expands the capability of the existing and popular detectors of which over 100,000 have been shipped globally.

Incorporating the latest high performance thermal detection combined with powerful processing and advanced algorithms, the series 3000 people counters are a universal solution for all People Counting applications.

The series 3000 family consists of three main models:

IRC 3000/3010

An IP enabled device, available in ‘master and node’ configurations for narrow and wide entrances

IRC 3020

A relay output device which flexibly works in ‘master and node’ configurations for narrow and wide entrances. Pin for Pin compatibility with previous models

IRC 3030 ‘Dual View’

An IP enabled dual technology ‘master’ unit with thermal and video output on a single IP channel. Dual technology allows true remote validation of counter performance.

Building on the best features and reliability from their predecessors, all three new devices have enhanced functionality and performance, and the key benefits include:
• Operation independent of ambient light
• >98% achievable count accuracy
• User-definable count lines & functionality
• Unique ‘activity mapping function’ for ease of set up
• Visual display of ‘capture zones’ for precise alignment
• Wide opening capability up to 8 units
• Lower installation costs than previous models
• Lower ongoing support costs than previous models
• MTBF >25 years

The IP capability of the IRC 3000/3010 people counter allows remote viewing, configuration and data collection over IP infrastructure, either over an in-store LAN, or for worldwide viewing from remote locations over the internet. This delivers significant benefit to users in terms of reduced cost of ownership and reduced support costs.

The IRC 3030 ‘Dual View’ people counter with video capability is the world’s first dual-technology counting device. The IRC3030 multiplexes the thermal people count data, the stored count data and the diagnostic information from a standard IRC 3000/3010 and an additional video stream onto a single IP data stream. An embedded web-browser set-up and configuration tool is provided free with the unit which allows the video and thermal views to be observed simultaneously. The added video capability provides a live real-time image of the scene, allowing the counter to be configured locally or remotely with a high degree of certainty and thereby achieving an unmatched level of accuracy. The video view also allows measurement of the absolute accuracy, provides an audit capability for enduser verification and reporting purposes, and provides the ability to fault find and adjust counter settings at remote locations. All of these features enable a significantly reduced cost of ownership.