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Viametrics’ visitor counter system finds its way into Europe.

Posted by Richard Strange on Oct 5, 2009 3:53:00 PM

The Swedish company, Viametrics, has been supplying chain stores, shopping centres, hypermarkets, department stores, individual shops, libraries and museums with its visitor counter systems since the mid 1990s. Irisys has been the company’s technical partner and involved in its development process for almost as long. Today, Viametrics has more than 3000 systems operating in over 20 countries. An intensive process is being carried out simultaneously to establish partnerships with distributors across the whole of Europe to allow the company to make a serious entry into the pan-European market.

Viametrics’ GSM-based web solution is way ahead of other products and is very popular with customers today. The references from Sweden and Norway are impressive and vouch for the success of the expansion. The company is confident that before long more distributors will have joined its network and it sees tremendous market potential, especially for its main product, Viametrics Entrance.

It recently signed a distributor agreement with the Danish company Vemco for the distribution of Viametrics’ products in Denmark. This signifies the commencement of Viametrics’ launch into the European market and the company is now working to attract more distributors to join its network.

“Vemco is the ideal partner for us in Denmark. The company has considerable experience of visitor counter systems and is familiar with the potential and needs of the Danish market. We are now focusing on finding more, equally competent distributors in Europe,” explains Viametrics' CEO, Peter Skoglund.