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AC SYSTEMS from the Czech Republic joins Irisys iConnect Partner Program as a Premier Solutions Partner.

Posted by Richard Strange on Apr 15, 2009 3:02:00 PM

AC Systems will focus on providing its People Counting System based on Irisys Thermal Imaging sensors to the Retail & Mall Sector and will also offer their technical solution to international partners.

AC SYSTEMS s.r.o. has been developing its Traffic Counting system since the year 2000. The system includes both the communication system and the presentation software. At the end of 2006 AC SYSTEMS began co-operating with Irisys, working towards the implementation of Irisys thermal imaging sensors to create its new TC System. The system consists of a web server enabled data logger unit communicating with IRISYS sensors and with a local LAN or remote WAN server by means of sophisticated communication software. The Data Presentation Software is provided in web page format compatible with popular browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla and Opera. The great advantage of this solution for customers is that they need no client software installation on their PCs to access the data and presentation software and further they have the possibility to access their data from anywhere in the world.

Amongst AC SYSTEMS TC customers there are an impressive range of Shopping Malls of various sizes, as well as interesting installations from the retail sector like Telefónica with around 120 stores all over the Czech and Slovak Republics or Vodafone CZ with around 60 stores. Recently AC SYSTEMS has extended its activities to offer its TC System integration to various business partners all over the World.

”We are very pleased to see AC SYSTEMS joining our partner program. They have a unique position in the fast growing market place in the Central and Eastern Europe with a strong portfolio of software products. By integrating Irisys technology with AC Systems software we are accessing their already large installation base. We are understandably very excited about the new possibilities this provides” says Tony Carpenter, Irisys’ Sales Director for People Counting