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    Irisys analytics systems

    All Irisys systems are built around our range of discretely placed sensors featuring thermal array technology, which are placed at entrances, doorways, in corridors, or wherever else required. As there are no calibration or scene-specific setup requirements, and the units function as soon as they are mounted, systems can be installed very rapidly and at relatively low cost. These then feed into a central computer system managed by specialist software, which utilises complex detection algorithms to identify and track the movement of people These systems automate the capture of accurate data, and calculate predefined operations in real-time. Unlike video-based systems, IRISYS infrared technology is inherently non-intrusive as only low resolution thermal change regions are detected from which it is impossible to identify an individual’s identity, sex, or detailed posture.

    The first step is to decide on what you want to be able to find out from your data. Do you want to minimise queue wait times? Identify customer flow patterns? Look for retail opportunities or ways to optimise the layout of your building? With a bespoke solution from Irisys, we can set up a system to measure some, or all of these characteristics, and many others.

    With many different types of instrument available, including indoor and outdoor units, IP enabled and relay units; we can work with you to create a network of sensors to cover almost any environment.

    Once up and running, your system can be used to generate real-time information for your management teams to use, helping to avoid problems such as congestion in areas of your building or predict queue demand in the next 15 or 30 minutes. It can also create reports about trends of footfall, movement, and other information that can be used to inform strategy.

    You can even take the data from one location and compare it to other locations where you have our system installed, and take a view of the data from a worldwide viewpoint, or even down to the level of a single entrance at a single store.



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