Tesco Queue Management Case Study

Intelligent Queue Management builds sales at Tesco

Keen to provide the best possible service for their customers at the checkouts, and aiming to improve customer loyalty and attract new customers – Tesco turned to Irisys thermal technology – with huge success.

Now Tesco is able to monitor and manage the service customers receive - by customer, by store and by minute – using Irisys’ Intelligent Queue Management System.

Being able to capture service performance in real-time allows Front End Checkout Managers to deliver not only an enhanced service, but also optimise the deployment of checkout staff.

Sir Terry Leahy, former Chief Executive of Tesco, the UK’s largest grocery chain and second largest retailer in the world, claimed that thermal imaging cameras were a key factor in the company’s half year (2006) pre-tax profits rising ten percent to £1.092 billion.