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    How does this improve my business?

    Whichever type of Irisys system you install, they all come down to the same thing – generating actionable, living intelligence that gives you powerful insights, and helps you to make the very best business decisions.  Without good information to hand, it is hard for any organisation to operate efficiently – Irisys systems help solve this problem.

    The sophisticated detection algorithms at the heart of our software, combined with the sensitive and reliable sensor platform  that we design and manufacture in-house, give you information about your business that would have been virtually impossible to know just a few years ago. In a world where new technologies allow this kind of insight and leading companies are looking for new ways to gain competitive advantage, standing still isn’t an option anymore.

    People counting

    • Understand footfall movement throughout your site. Find new opportunities and assess the success rate of your layouts
    • Optimize your staffing levels to meet customer demand and create the best environment for your customers
    • Maximize the value of your real-estate by understanding how it is used and how it can be improved, and set accurate rent values for tenants

    Queue management

    • Create a predictive system that will tell you staff and checkout numbers required now, and at future times
    • Give customers shorter checkout lines – increasing satisfaction and average basket sizes
    • Make savings on staff by using their time much more effectively

    Smart buildings

    • Reduce wasted energy on heating, lighting and other utilities
    • See where you can save space and consolidate office space, reducing rental bills
    • Schedule maintenance (e.g. cleaning) based on accurate demand figures, getting the most from your staff


    • Track if secure areas are accessed by inaccurate numbers of people
    • Monitor building evacuations during fire (or other emergency) alarms
    • Detect tailgating at security checkpoints

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