How You Can Implement Washroom Social Distancing With SafeCount

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Oct 20, 2020

Knowing how many people are on your premises has never been more critical. Not only are occupancy metrics essential data for understanding how your building is being utilised, but they will play a significant role in how you protect the health and safety of visitors and employees. 

With social distancing now a crucial consideration, it's vital to ensure that it's applied in all areas of your building – including washrooms. Monitoring the usage of your WCs will help to enable social distancing, prevent overcrowding and optimise hygiene throughout the premises, reducing the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses. There are, of course, several challenges when managing occupancy in washroom areas, but with SafeCount, you can rest assured that we've got you covered, and here's how.

Social distancing

Many public or commercial type buildings aren't able to dedicate floor space to sizeable washrooms. This makes it essential to have a grasp on occupancy before overcrowding becomes a problem. The best way to let staff and customers know whether a lavatory is fully occupied is to use the discreet SafeCount sensors which accurately count people as they enter and exit the area.

Estimating capacity in washrooms can have disastrous consequences as people may unwittingly enter a cramped vicinity without knowing. SafeCount, however, can link to a display screen outside of the washroom, alerting visitors to the capacity status of the space, preventing any unnecessary entry and contact. 

See SafeCount in action as it monitors real-time occupancy data at a new site installation. The system delivers a 99.5% accurate representation of the number of individuals using the washroom.


Find out more about how SafeCount can help you increase hygiene and implement  social distancing in your washrooms.


Naturally, privacy will be a big concern for your business and the occupants you house within your building. 

SafeCount people counters do not rely on cameras to track occupancy. The sensors use infrared technology called time of flight to detect people completely anonymously. This means that users of your washrooms can rest assured that their health and safety is being prioritised without compromising their privacy. 

SafeCount - People Counting PrivacyHygiene

At the heart of your social distancing initiative is the necessity to create a clean and hygienic environment for occupants. Washrooms can make or break the reputation of an organisation, discouraging customers and employees from using your facilities if they don't feel that an adequate standard of cleanliness is maintained. Your occupancy sensors can help your operations team to monitor usage and deploy cleaning staff once a threshold has been reached. This will ensure that your washrooms are always disinfected and that supplies such as soap and toilet paper never run short. 


With SafeCount sensors, you can give your employees, students, customers and all other visitors to your building the confidence that they are in a safe environment that is working to protect them from infection. Taking a demand-based approach to cleaning will enable you to keep washrooms fresh and clean long before you receive complaints about the state of the facility. By putting in the effort to allow social distancing in all spaces throughout your building, you are helping to position your organisation for a safer future, ensuring that further COVID-19 restrictions have a minimal impact on your business due to the high level of compliance you have been able to maintain. 


It's important to remember that tracking visitor numbers in the obvious high traffic areas of your building will not suffice if you'd like to truly enable the health benefits of social distancing. However, including washrooms in your strategy will go a long way to preventing your premises from becoming a COVID hotspot and ensure that activities can continue without disruption. 


If you'd like to find out more about the SafeCount occupancy monitoring solution, get in touch with our experts today. We'd be happy to demonstrate the benefits of using our occupancy monitoring technology for social distancing and increasing hygiene standards in your estate. 

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