Vector 4D Height Measurement Capability

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May 22, 2017

The Vector 4D uses innovative Time-of-Flight technology, allowing a range of new characteristics and behaviours to be measured, opening the door to a huge range of new possibilities. While many systems on the market today claim to gather height data, due to the passive nature of video systems the best that can be achieved is often only an estimate. With the Vector 4D however, the height of all people passing through the field of view is measured directly, with high accuracy.

Using this measurement a height histogram of all people counted can be collected, giving a rich resource for estimating the distribution of adults vs children, for example. Limits can also be intelligently applied to counts to include or omit people above or below a given height, allowing children to be included or excluded from the count.

The heights of people may also be continually monitored allowing changes in behaviour to be detected; are they sitting or standing, for example? This will enable some new insights into the way that people use a space. Only the Vector 4D has the capacity to record this type of data with such accuracy and combine it with other built-in capabilities to give end-users a data resource with so many options.

The capabilities of the time of flight sensor also extend to the more practical side of operating the device, as it can understand its environment in great detail. It is able to automatically calculate its mounting height, and therefore the area of the field of view, making installation and calibration easier.

High accuracy by design, coupled with an innovative feature set mean that the Vector 4D will be unparalleled in terms of capability and practicality.

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