[Press Release] Yorkland Controls Partners with Irisys

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Jul 30, 2021

Yorkland Controls Limited Partners with Irisys, to Deliver Real‐Time People Counting and Occupancy Solutions

TORONTO ONTARIO, July 28, 2021 – Irisys (a Fluke Brand) provide people counting solutions that deliver insights to building owners and operators about how their buildings are really being used, enabling them to improve operational efficiencies.

Irisys has recently added BACnet/IP support to their smart IOT people counting sensors, allowing accurate and reliable people count data to be consumed by various building management platforms.

Together, Irisys and Yorkland will offer immediate access to people counting solutions that leverage these BACnet/IP and IOT enabled sensors. Designed for solution providers, system integrators and contractors, Irisys sensors have been developed to simplify and accelerate the installation and commissioning process as well as enable end‐users to gain benefits from data integration to their BAS systems.

People count and occupancy data has huge value in commercial real estate, from understanding space utilization for space planning and optimization, to reducing building operational costs, improving employee productivity and promoting occupant wellbeing.

“I am excited about the partnership and the various real world applications”, said Gerry Cellucci, Vice President of Systems Solutions. “For example, using live data from the new BACnet/IP people counting sensors, the building’s ventilation system can automatically control ventilation based on the demand of the building’s users ‐ enabling energy and cost savings. Basing ventilation rates on a per person calculation, actually increases indoor air quality when a space is occupied, improving wellbeing and productivity. Energy consumption is reduced when a space is unoccupied, as the system is not solely relying on carbon dioxide sensors.”

“We are very pleased to be partnering with Yorkland Controls”, said Yizhou Chen, General Manager, Irisys. “Combining our people counting sensors with Yorkland’s experience in BAS, enables building owners and operators to realize huge benefits”.


About Yorkland Controls Limited

Yorkland Controls offers connected digital solutions using a combination of proven building automation, analytics, energy, controls, and operational technology (OT) software and hardware. Solutions are offered to building owners and operators primarily through qualified system integrators and service providers.



About Irisys

Irisys (InfraRed Integrated Systems Ltd) are the largest global provider of people counting and occupancy monitoring solutions. Irisys design and manufacture technology that measures how buildings are used by people, to enable improvements and optimizations through informed decision making. 

Trusted by major organizations around the world, Irisys technology is utilized in sectors varying from retail, banks and transport to leisure facilities, public buildings and corporate offices. With a strong history of innovation and reliability, Irisys became part of the Fluke Corporation in 2012. World famous for the safety, reliability and durability of their tools, Fluke is a global leader in test and measurement instruments. Fluke is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fortive Corporation (NYSE: FTV).


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