Is Your Building Costing You Money?

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Jun 19, 2019

Is your commercial building stuck in the 20th Century?

Smart building technology is transforming the way modern organisations think about building management and occupancy, and increasingly employees are expecting working environments that are better suited to their needs.

Office space is the second largest cost for organisations, yet research suggests up to 40% of this space is vacant at any one time. What's more, as much as half of London's workforce could be working remotely by 2020.

The benefits of TrueOccupancy by Irisys

The below image represents a typical workplace without smart building technology:

Irisys smart office - before

As you can see, there are a number of potential issues that affect your organisation arising from a lack of smart building management. From building inefficiencies impacting your bottom line, through to problems that cause frustration for your workforce, your commercial property could contain many hidden challenges that are holding the company back.

Unhappy employees

Modern employees are now expecting more from their office experience. They want to be able to work smarter, more efficiently and in a building they enjoy occupying, as well as one they can feel proud of. This is of particular concern for organisations operating in industries where competition for talent is high.

The increased awareness of mental and physical wellbeing in the workplace is also a factor here.

Inefficient use of space

Are you getting the most efficient use from your building? Are meeting rooms frequently occupied, with no thought given to how they're utilised? Maybe you're paying for more office space than you need. All too often organisations are paying for more space than they need because they don't have visibility over how that space is used, or over building occupancy.

Irysis smart office - after

TrueOccupancy by Irisys can provide visibility and insight over every aspect of your building. From occupancy data and space utilisation, through to energy and HVAC management, smart building technology can transform your employees working experience and optimise running costs.

Improved employee satisfaction

With an office that is adapted to the needs of your staff, you will boost employee satisfaction and ensure they feel more comfortable and happy at work. Knowing that their employers care about their wellbeing will also help to ensure they feel valued.

Real-time monitoring of building facilities, such as meeting rooms and canteens, also helps employees to plan their schedule around the busiest periods.

Only pay for the space you use

Data on how your building is actually being used can help to ensure you make better use of the space you have and, in some cases, there will be potential savings to make on building running costs. For example, you may discover you only need to lease one floor instead of two by simply making smarter use of your building.

Facilities management made simpler

What if your facilities management team had access to real-time data on building systems, such as HVAC and energy usage? If you ask them, we're pretty sure they'd tell you it'd make their lives a whole lot easier.

Smart building technology provides visibility over all of these systems, highlighting issues earlier and also making it easier to run them more efficiently. It even offers the ability to monitor restroom usage so cleaning teams only need to check in on them after a specified level of usage.

Want to learn more? Request a demo or speak to an expert today. You can also download our free eBook The Truth About Workplace Occupancy and learn key insights into the smart buildings market, benefits of occupancy data analytics and real-world applications from the National Grid. 

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