Vector 4D: The Only People Counter that Removes Staff from Analytics

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Sep 5, 2018

NORTHAMPTON, UK, and ATLANTA (5 Sept., 2018) – Irisys, the world’s leading supplier of people counting technology and grocery queue management, has begun taking orders and shipping its latest product – Vector 4D.

Introduced at NRF’s BIG SHOW in January 2018, Vector 4D delivers unprecedented levels of actionable, retail intelligence through unique attributes not found in other solutions such as the ability to remove staff from analytics. This feature is unique to Vector 4D, and it was developed to help retailers prevent staff numbers from influencing people counting data.

“Analytics play just as significant a role in retail for offline stores as in the online world,” says Kevin Hughes, General Manager of Irisys. “However, the level of detail and insights available differs from one people counter to another and not many can provide a true, accurate picture – Vector 4D can. As the only people counter in the market today offering staff exclusion from analytics, Vector 4D is the most advanced people counter available and the only one able to meet all the needs of retail analysis with ground breaking accuracy.”

The Only People Counter that Removes Staff from Analytics

Designed to add an extra layer of accuracy to people counting in-store, the Vector 4D “staff identification” function is ideal for retail environments where there is high customer and staff interaction such as high fashion stores or car showrooms. It also provides key insights into:

  • How staff interacts with customers
  • The way in which security staff or greeters influence footfall counts
  • Staff monitoring that is independent from customer monitoring
  • Footfall counts that only include customers
  • Staff movement in a low-flow environment
  • Identification of non-authorized people in a secure environment
  • The influence of staff movements on conversion calculations

The Vector 4D People Counter

Vector 4D is the premier hardware option for retailers seeking out truly transformative business solutions. It combines the most sophisticated options in people counting technology with Irisys' proprietary algorithms to deliver exceptional data insights to drive business growth and change.

Through Vector 4D, retailers are empowered to:

  • Increase store conversion rates. Vector 4D’s advanced people counting insights provide key information that can be used to increase sales.
  • Obtain in-depth demographics data. The use of advanced height-measurement technology makes it possible to create demographic estimates about customers.
  • Improve operational performance. With Vector 4D it is possible to gain a deeper understanding of store operations with respect to its customers, providing data that can be used to optimize staff scheduling, improving operational efficiency and cost effectiveness.
  • Measure marketing efficacy. Technology, such as dwell-time measurement, combined with footfall counting, makes it possible to generate accurate insights into how customers are responding to marketing campaigns and sales displays.
  • Optimize customer service. Vector 4D demonstrates whether the store is currently responding to customer numbers and needs. With queuing and check out times, for example, Vector 4D provides essential data that can be used to make changes that will optimize customer service.
  • Flexible, adaptable technology. Vector 4D has been designed specifically for retail spaces to meet the needs and demands of the industry. It functions in low-light or no-light conditions and has a future-proof design.
  • Options for integration. Vector 4D can be deployed with a mix of thermal and 4D products and is broadly compatible.

Vector 4D has been tailored for the retail industry and is far more technologically advanced than many of the other options on the market. The data produced by the Vector 4D can be used to transform business practices and inform management decisions as it continues to evolve to meet retailer need.

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About Irisys

Irisys is the world leading designer and manufacturer of people counting sensors. Combining advanced sensors and intelligent software, Irisys technology provides actionable information that can be used to drive operational efficiencies and improve business performance across a range of industries. With systems designed for retail, supermarkets, building space management security, Irisys’ solutions are deployed throughout the world, with more than 450,000 units sold over the last 22 years. For more information, visit

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