A Beginners Guide to People Counting Software

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Dec 14, 2015

In order to make strong, effective business decisions, you need the backing of strong intel – and that’s what our people counting software aims to deliver.

We have systems stationed across the globe, with some of the most well-known brands ever created.

Our systems count tens of millions of people daily and are installed in some of the biggest shopping centres across the world.

What is People Counting Software?

Our software is used to count the flow of people in a specified area, such as supermarkets and city centres.

By measuring the footfall into and around a venue, we can calculate important business performance information, such as conversion rates, the impact of marketing campaigns, and give better information for determining labour schedules, and more.

How is People Counting Software Utilised in Different Environments?

Let’s take the example of a train station – some of our technologies are utilised in some of the UK’s busiest stations, thanks to our partnership with PFM Footfall Intelligence and Network Rail- to further understand the Irisys technologies working within different environments.

One of the most noticeable changes within this environment is how a train station is no longer considered just a stop-gap between travel. It is now a complete entity of its own with a mixture of; retail outlets, restaurants and bars, which are making real money.

Data collection from Irisys systems can tell the appropriate authorities how many people are entering stations, without utilising rail services. This allows station owners to identify the denser areas of movement within the station, which then in turn allows them to set appropriate rental prices for retail spaces which receive more traffic, which then produce accurate ROI results.

In supermarkets and individual retailers, the system becomes more of a conversion tool, providing information to retailers on what promotional set-ups are working and may even ascertain why someone may enter the store and not buy any products. The traditional form of shopping is increasingly coming under pressure from online retailers, who are now focusing on the evolution of an easy shopping experience. So high-street retailers, must make the most of every snippet of information they can possibly get their hands on.

How Does the Technology Work?

The technology is developed in such a way so that it can read the body heat from individuals passing underneath the sensors. Each unit is designed to be discreet, accurate, highly reliable and run with a low cost of ownership

Up to eight virtual counting lines are decided by an operator using a remote PC setup tool, and once someone passes one of these lines in any given direction, they are counted.

Units can be installed quickly and easily by Irisys partners, benefiting from our e-learning partner training, set-up software and remote validation systems. These can be used as single counters in small areas or used within a community of units, which are linked together to prevent cross-counting.

But What about Privacy and Price?

In some areas, governed by local or international law, privacy and certain applications of the technology is a concern. This is why our thermal-only detectors provide an alternative to our more comprehensive systems.

The systems use up to 80 percent less energy than a traditional video based system. With a MTBF (mean time between failure) of over 25 years and camera lenses that are unaffected by dirt and dust, the costs of maintaining and supporting the systems are very low after the initial investment.

Why Should Companies Invest?

We’ve given a few examples of where and why our systems are used across the world, but there are many other examples of companies using our software for different purposes and achieving solid ROI results. For example the Dubai International Airport is one of the busiest in the world and since they began working with Irisys partner Lockheed Martin, the knowledge that they have been able to attain about their customer experience has been invaluable. Our system is working 24/7 in helping to identify and manage congestion, passenger flow and retail activities. This helps the staff process passengers much more efficiently and creates an improved experience for passengers passing through the airport, in areas like check-in, security and immigration.

So the systems aren’t only used to traffic more business and monitor conversion rates, but also to improve the customer experience and ultimately provide a solid ROI.

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