6 Mobile Apps to Count People and Measure Occupancy

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Apr 30, 2020

Social distancing, occupancy monitoring and how to count the number of people entering and exiting a building are all hot topics due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We recently published a blog post about how to measure occupancy for social distancing and in it we discussed how mobile apps can help.

In this blog, we decided to dive deeper in to this topic and take a look at 6 mobile apps that can help you count people and measure occupancy.


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Android counter apps

Apple counter apps


Android counter apps

(Apps listed in no particular order)


Counter Plus

Counter PlusA simple counting app with a clean and uncluttered user interface. Counts can easily be incremented and decremented, however exporting count data for further analysis is not possible.

Price = FREE

Download Counter Plus from the Google Play Store


Klickr – Shared Tally Counter

KlickrAnother simple app with a clean interface. Big buttons make adjusting the tally count extremely easy and the added functionality of being able to share tally counts across multiple devices means this app can be used by staff to measure occupancy in buildings or stores that have multiple entrances and exits.

Price = £3.29

(Update 21/6/20 - Link removed. App no longer available.)


AllCounter – Count Everything

AllCounterKeep track of people entering and exiting with this feature filled app that allows for an unlimited amount of counters, keeps a time stamped history log of count changes and has options to export this data to a CSV file for further analysis.

Price = £1.89

Download AllCounter - Count Everything from the Google Play Store



Apple counter apps

(Apps listed in no particular order)



Counter+A simple and easy to use counter app with an extremely easy to use and nice looking interface. App features include support for several counters, ability to output counter value and download history of counter changes.

Price = FREE

Download Counter+ from the Apple App Store



People Counter

Count That Now Tally CounterThis people counter app has advanced functionality that enables it to work offline or connect to dashboard that can report entrances, exits, building capacity and the real time occupancy. Data collected through the app can also be displayed on screens using software provided with the app.

Price = FREE

Download People Counter from the Apple App Store



Doorman Counter

Doorman CounterFeaturing a striking colour scheme, this Doorman Counter app was originally designed for security staff at pubs and clubs to measure occupancy, making it perfect for logging entrances/exits and measuring the real time. Unfortunately this app does not have downloadable logs of count changes for further analysis.

Price = FREE

Download Doorman Counter from the Apple App Store


Whichever mobile counting app you choose, it will enable you to quickly and easily get started with measuring occupancy, however it is important to remember that whilst these apps may be free or very low cost, there is still investment required in the form of a staff member to operate the app. It is therefore essential that this is factored in and you consider how to maximise the value of occupancy data you are now collecting.




Don't want to manually count? Automate it ...

SafeCount by Irisys is a real time occupancy monitoring solution that delivers live occupancy data with visual warnings and alerts when limits are approached or exceeded. Designed to help businesses keep employees and customers safe during the current pandemic, SafeCount uses advanced people counting sensor and is a fast and cost effective way to measure occupancy.



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