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Utilizing Thermal Imaging in Preventative Building Maintenance


In the past, thermal imaging was prohibitively expensive, preventing commercial markets from utilizing its benefits. However, in recent years, thermal imaging technology has become more efficient – decreasing costs and increasing solutions for a variety of industries, including retail, security, transportation and domestic services. The reduced cost of thermal imaging technology has greatly enhanced the preventative maintenance in buildings by helping identify potential and existing problems before they become high-cost repairs.

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Today, facility managers across the globe are reaping the benefits of thermal imaging technology in preventative building maintenance programs. Whether it’s employed in commercial buildings or manufacturing environments, this revolutionary technology is helping save energy, cut costs and increase corporate social responsibility. Benefits seen in building maintenance include:

  • Preventing and detecting heat loss/gain in building structures and utilities, including insulation and HVAC systems
  • Identifying faulty components and overheating connections in electrical systems
  • Monitoring the conditions and effectiveness of mechanical systems and equipment
  • Gauging a facility’s carbon footprint

Thermal imaging technology has changed conventional building maintenance programs from being reactive to proactive. Before the use of thermal imaging cameras, conventional building maintenance programs were primarily driven by emergencies – such as equipment failures – or by arbitrary, routine maintenance exercises. Now, planned preventative maintenance programs that use thermal imaging cameras are routinely applied to numerous areas within commercial and industrial buildings.

The use of thermal imaging technology in preventative building maintenance is constantly evolving. In fact, its uses are becoming more beneficial to day-to-day maintenance operations. Handheld thermal imaging cameras have made it easy to check the condition and efficiency of mission-critical industry equipment. 

Organizations currently utilizing thermal imaging cameras to preempt emergency maintenance are experiencing reductions in operational downtime and costs while increasing capacity, service quality and returns on investment.