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Thermal Imaging Advances the Security Industry


As we all know, technology is constantly evolving. Advances in thermal imaging are a testament to the impact technology can have on an industry. Once expensive military technology, thermal imaging cameras are more affordable than ever, and security professionals are quickly taking advantage of enhancements to video surveillance this technology provides. 


Poor lighting and long distances limit the effectiveness of video surveillance cameras and closed circuit television to monitor a specified area. Although effective in the right environment, the need for adequate lighting and the threat of a burned out light bulb – at the wrong time – make for unreliable security.

By supplementing video surveillance cameras with thermal imaging, security systems now have an added level of surveillance that would not be possible without this technology. 

Thermal imaging cameras monitor changes in temperature, which allows for objects and humans to become easily visible against the environment. Additionally, because the technology is based on temperature and not light, thermal imaging cameras provide long distance surveillance beyond the range of standard lighting. It’s no secret that most crimes happen at night, and the ability to identify threats as quickly as possible – day or night – is essential.

The benefits of thermal imaging make it an integral part of any complete security solution. For security professionals, the added benefits of temperature-based night vision and long range surveillance speak for themselves, and those who neglect adding this vital technology to their video surveillance package risk operating in the dark.