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Closing curtains ‘acts like double glazing’


16 November 2010

Governments want businesses and consumers to find ways to save energy. Thermal imaging shows that simply closing curtains can have a dramatic effect.

poor insulation in an apartment building

Closing curtains or shutters at dusk could be as effective as fitting double glazing.

People living in period properties can dramatically reduce their energy bills, says a BBC report.

The Edinburgh World Heritage Trust used thermal imaging cameras to show residents how best to cut their bills.

The project has demonstrated that a low-tech approach can be highly effective.

Windows with the shutters and curtains closed appear in the images as a deep blue colour, showing that little heat is escaping.

Windows with the shutters and curtains open burn bright in oranges and reds, showing that much more heat - and money - is escaping.

The project team said other traditional techniques were equally valuable. Draught excluders were particularly useful in period properties.

Irisys is a leading manufacturer of thermal imaging cameras. “Energy efficiency is very important, particularly in period properties where there tend to be more draughts,” said managing director Ian Wilcock.

"Thermal imaging techniques can show how simple measures, like closing shutters at night or using full length curtains, can have a dramatic effect – and help people to save money.”

The project is funded by the Climate Challenge Fund.