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Retail People Counting: Intelligent In-Store Data is Key to Brick-and-Mortar Longevity

Posted by Paul Fulton on Aug 18, 2014 6:19:00 PM

Twenty-five years ago mobile phones were only used to make phone calls, and the Internet was primarily a resource for academic research. Today, access to online retailers via smart phone apps and mobile Internet browsers is part of an ever-strengthening digital shopping experience.

According to CNBC, as digital shopping continues to innovate with the likes of Amazon’s Fire smartphone, the future of some brick-and-mortar retailers is in jeopardy. Surveyed retail executives said they expect “a significant volume” of brick-and-mortar retailers to die off over the next 25 years, because they cannot keep up with the digital landscape.

Although this news may come as a surprise to some retailers, others are refusing to dig their grave and are instead investing in in-store technology. The near real-time data collected from retail solutions like thermal imaging devices and infrared people counters gives brick-and-mortar stores the intelligence necessary for sustaining longevity in the digital shopping era.

The Gazelle™analytics platform developed by Irisys, combines user-friendly software with modern device design to deliver the next generation of in-store intelligence. This  people counting device keeps a low profile as its sleek casing blends into its environment.

It also features WideTrackerTM – wide openings that yield enhanced path-mapping features and 16 counting lines to provide greater behavioral insight in spaces where video and legacy systems have been challenged. Its sequential line logic enables data analytics such as: store penetration, customer/kiosk engagement and customer flow, and walk-through.

The Gazelle people counter uses Irisys’ infrared technology to discreetly detect people’s body heat – tracking and interpreting their presence and direction of movement. Algorithms combine behavioral and spatial analytics to derive performance data such as footfall, traffic flows, and penetration of people.

The accompanying Estate Manager™ software suite enables easier management of Irisys’ IP-enabled devices from virtually anywhere in the world. The softwareis a scalable, Web- and cloud-based enterprise solution that provides a single point to remotely manage Irisys Gazelle and 3000 series people counter devices via a user-friendly dashboard tool.

Using the Estate Manager tool, technicians can run diagnostic tests remotely and resolve most issues from virtually any computer in the world with Internet access. It provides real-time visibility into the status of an entire estate – as well as individual devices – to drive dynamic problem-solving and expedite issue resolution. In addition to remote installation, the Estate Manager device management system checks connectivity, identifies dynamic errors, allows for the scheduling of automated tasks and more.

As digital shopping advances for virtually every category of retailer, in-store data will grow as a crucial element to help brick-and-mortar retailers to take action and avoid a slow death of customer exodus.