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What Analytics Do Retailers Want to See?

Posted by Jordan Britchford on Apr 27, 2017 10:00:00 AM

For the past few years when it came to customer analytics the online world always reigned supreme. Until relatively recently the offline retailer was left only with their gut instinct and experience with only the most crude hard data to back it.

However, times have changed and an increasing amount of data is now available to bricks and mortar retailers. For decades, retailers have done without high level analytics, so why is it essential now?

If you’ve found yourself asking this question, it may be this holding you back. Alternatively, you may be tracking key metrics but be unsure how to utilise that data. However, based on insights taken from the online retail world, we understand that the more data, the better for your business.

Additionally, it could be said that the retailer of today is more complex than ever, with so many more options than were available in the past. Technology is becoming integrated into our daily lives, whether with our consent or not, which has allowed forward thinking retailers to take advantage of new data tracking technology.

Typically, shopping can either be a necessity, or recreational hobby, and the way these shoppers behave differs dramatically. However, despite this, both types of shopper want the same fundamental level of customer service, which data can enhance significantly.

With the rise of the smartphone, development of smart tech, and surge in demand regarding the “Internet of Things” and the dawn of virtual reality, shoppers are expecting their experience to change and these are all tools that retailers can take advantage of.

With all these new tools available, it would become incredibly easy to become bogged down in data, so what could you do to utilise this data?

  • Staffing Levels

It may go without saying, but one of the often overlooked elements of customer experience is the level of service. The key to this is having the right number of staff available to provide the necessary level of service. Before updates in retail analytics stores used rotas as a way to manage staff, however, the system whilst somewhat effective, is archaic in the face of an information led strategy.  

By using data to monitor the number of customers, patterns and being able to see bare facts regarding key metrics, you can bring your staff requirements to the 21st century. Customer analytics software allows the easy compilation of trend data, allowing you to monitor levels of store activity by day, hour and even minute, allowing you to tailor staffing around this data.

  • Staff Performance Metrics

As well as managing staff levels, you’re also able to use data to increase staff performance and morale. In retailing, success is often driven by standing out from their peers in order to receive promotions, awards, financial benefits and praise. However, without adequate tracking data such benefits cannot be assessed objectively and can be rife with favouritism and bias.  

However, when business replaces gut instinct with hard data, conflict is minimised, if not eliminated.

  • Understanding Customers’ Needs

Making use of offline data analytics is your insight into your customers’ minds. Their behaviour is a retailers insight into what customers want, and what they don’t want. By utilising smart phones connecting to Wi-Fi systems it is possible for stores to understand where the customer goes in the store and just as importantly where they don’t.

Whilst this data is not personalised, it is relatively unintrusive and can show useful shopping patterns. For instance, if 75% customers go down the first two aisles but only 50% go down to the third then it may be better to locate new promotions in the first two aisles. With advanced data, stores can determine the prime locations for different items.

To summarise, offline retailers want to see a range of data, which can have positive impacts on their stores. Everything right from the number of customers entering and not purchasing to the busiest days, all helps you make the most of your stores.

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What is Vector 4D?

Posted by Jordan Britchford on Apr 26, 2017 4:06:18 PM


The Vector 4D is the most advanced People Counter and Behavioural Detector in the world today, combining innovative new technologies with 20 years’ worth of expertise from the most experienced and trusted people counter manufacturer in the world.

Vector 4D Web.pngIncorporating a Time-of-Flight people detection system with Irisys’ software algorithms, the sensor can produce a range of data, including:

  • Highly accurate people counting
  • Height measurement
  • Dwell time

The Vector 4D protects the privacy of those it counts, as the Time-of-Flight technology does not produce any identifiable images.

Highly reliable by design, Irisys have engineered the Vector 4D from the beginning using our detailed understanding of the physics that underpin the technology and the thermal properties of the components, we have built a world-leading sensor for the next-generation of stores.

The Vector 4D will make much more detailed behavioural analysis possible, and promises to be more accurate, easier to install, and deliver more benefits to end-users than any other people counter on the market.

Currently in the final stages of field testing and development, Irisys engineers have been working for this project for over a year. We can’t wait until the first production units are available to our worldwide network of distributors in Q3 of 2017!

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Vector 4D Shortlisted for 2017 RBTE Innovation Trail and Award

Posted by Allen Haynes on Apr 24, 2017 5:18:10 PM

Vector 4D, the world’s most advanced people counter launched by Irisys earlier this year, was named a finalist by an independent panel of judges for the 2017 RBTE Innovation Trail and Awards – an award program showcasing the newest, most innovative retail technology on the market.

As a shortlisted entry, Vector 4D will be featured in the Innovation Trail at RBTE – one the world’s largest retail technology expos – and highlighted on the show’s “Winners Wall.” The overall winner will be announced at RBTE on May 8.

Vector 4D utilizes Time of Flight technology, a cutting-edge solution that detects, tracks and measures people’s movement with state-of-the-science sophistication to deliver a new, more complete picture of retail traffic – a picture that is clearer and more accurate than those available through any predecessors.

Besides counting customers, Vector 4D can be configured to eliminate or count children as customers utilizing height measurement technology; deployed to monitor shopper dwell times; and installed in areas where older technologies cannot perform.

Vector 4D features include:

  • Future-proof design with high-power processor
  • Direct height measurement
  • Dwell time recording
  • High reliability, including in low-light conditions
  • Total privacy protection for the public
  • USB expansion port for accessories
  • Bluetooth, iBeacon and Wifi functionality
  • Remote audit, validation and configuration system

To learn more and to speak with a solutions consultant, email sales@irisys.net.

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UK Retailers Struggling to Connect with Consumers, Create Unique Experience

Posted by Allen Haynes on Mar 23, 2017 12:43:37 PM

UK retailers must innovate and optimize their operational capabilities to deliver a streamlined customer experience to shoppers. This is the call-to-action to the retail industry after only 40 percent of UK shoppers believe retailers are providing “good or great” customer service, according to a recent report from the research firm Zeta Global.

Nearly 81 percent of respondents of the recently published survey of UK consumers said they were more likely to make a purchase if greeted or recognized as a previous customer. The report urges retailers that a stronger – and even personalized – customer experience is needed to boost customer loyalty and spending at the traditional brick-and-mortar store.

The report also implies that UK shoppers are having increasingly high service expectations with more than 63 percent of those surveyed stating they have bought items as a direct result of communication with retail staff. This means that although the ecommerce market continues expanding, consumers are clearly craving exceptional and unique in-store experiences.

Retailers must capitalize on consumers’ desires and invest in operational efficiency and customer experience technology that delivers data in real time.

In doing so, retailers will uncover a multitude of strategic improvements like optimizing in-store layouts with traffic flow, staffing and adjusting operating hours to align with peak customer shopping schedules – all of which can drive revenue.

But to boost the bottom line, retailers must invest in the right technology.

Queue management and people counting systems from Irisys, for example, are among the best solutions available to retailers. They provide the high-priority, real-time data that is essential to creating the ultimate customer experience.

Learn How the World’s Best Retailers Create a Great In-Store Experience

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NRF 2017 Forecast: U.S. Retailers to See Sales Increase

Posted by Allen Haynes on Feb 14, 2017 2:03:10 PM

American retailers will see a sales increase of about 3.5 to 4.2 percent in 2017, according to the National Retail Federation.

If the prediction based on economic outlook, labor market growth and consumer spending trends holds true, it will continue retail’s resurgence of growth in recent years. Online and other non-store sales are expected to increase between 8 percent and 12 percent, according to the forecast.

“The economy is on firm ground as we head into 2017 and is expected to build on the momentum we saw late last year,” NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay said in a press release. “With jobs and income growing and debt relatively low, the fundamentals are in place and the consumer is in the driver’s seat.”

With these high expectations for U.S. retailers, ensuring both company-wide and store-specific operations are optimized will be essential in sustaining in-store traffic and revenue opportunities in 2017 and beyond.

This process often begins with obtaining actionable traffic data that is utilized to create the ultimate shopping experience for your customers, including delivering superior service throughout the store and ensuring checkout lines are short.

Both of these elements encourage consumers to spend more time shopping, which can lead to significant revenue gains. And with retail executives emphatically stating improved conversion rates is the primary need from retail analytics at the 2017 NRF BIG Show, now is the time to invest in technology that equips retailers with the real-time data needed to increase revenue and reduce operating costs.

Download Irisys’ People Counting White Paper and Learn How to Optimize Your  Customer Experience

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The Results of our NRF retailer survey!

Posted by Jordan Britchford on Jan 24, 2017 9:43:36 AM

NRF's Big Show is now over for another year, but it was a fantastic show and we had a great time meeting so many retailers and other companies all interested in the power of retail analytics.

Our retail survey was a big hit with the crowds, and we had over 150 votes from retailers to spell out their most desired business improvement that Irisys' systems can help deliver. Here are the results:

Irisys NRF Retailer Survey Infographic.jpg


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The World’s No. 1 Supplier of People Counting Solutions Ships 400,000th Thermal Device

Posted by Allen Haynes on Nov 16, 2016 2:00:00 PM

NORTHAMPTON, UK and ATLANTA (Nov. 15, 2016) – Irisys, a global leader in retail analytics and in-store technology, has shipped its 400,000th thermal people counter.

This milestone shipment continues strengthening the retail analytics company’s position as the No. 1 supplier of people counting and queue management technologies. Irisys was also recognized as the top company for retail customer analytics implementation by ABI Research in April.

Irisys’ solutions are used by some of the world’s leading retailers to boost customer service, operational efficiency and profitability, including Kroger, Tesco, Staples, Adidas, Samsung and more.

“We take immense pride in providing secure, real-time analytics to retailers looking to boost conversion ratio, optimize efficiencies and increase revenue,” says Chris Precious, president, Irisys Americas. “Our technology has not only proven to deliver the critical data retailers need to improve business efficiency, but our superior manufacturing standards mean we also have an extremely low rate of returned product, a further validation of our industry-leading reliability.”

Irisys people counting sensors have tracked the movements of more than a billion people providing innovative, real-time data that equips retailers with better analytics to optimize the customer experience and ultimately increase revenue.

As Irisys looks to 2017, the company plans to continue its mission of providing retailers with excellence, integrity and innovative thinking to deliver the best retail intelligent solutions the industry has to offer. Irisys will be showcasing its latest products at Exhibit #637 at the NRF Big Show, Jan. 15-17, 2017, at the Javits Convention Center in New York City.

About Irisys

Irisys is a high-tech innovator pioneering new solutions to bring strategic insight and expanded capabilities to an array of industries worldwide. Combining discreet technology and intelligent software, Irisys technology provides actionable information that can be used to drive operational efficiencies and improve business performance. Delivering faster checkout lines, cleaner facilities, higher-security perimeters, and more, Irisys’ solutions are deployed throughout the globe’s leading retail operations, publicly and privately owned buildings, airports, security systems, and other facilities. For more information, visit www.irisys.net.

# # #

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UK Holiday Sales Expected to Rise 3.5 – 4 Percent Calming Brexit Concerns

Posted by Allen Haynes on Oct 24, 2016 3:56:22 PM

Retailers are expecting British spending to bounce back from Brexit concerns and increase anywhere from 3.5 to 4 percent, according to a report published by Fung Global Retail and Technology.

If the prediction holds true, UK holiday retail sales will be around £73 billion. This bump will be a welcomed relief for retailers following 2015’s holiday retail season, which was the UK’s weakest in 25 years, and fears the EU referendum would stifle in-store holiday shopping.

“We anticipate no drag on retail sales this Christmas from the Brexit vote in June. Brits have demonstrated resilience following the EU referendum, confidence is on an upward path and retail sales have strengthened in the months since the vote,” says the report.

While retail sales as a whole are expected to rise, apparel specialists and department stores may not receive as much of a bump as other retailers unless a cold snap occurs in November and December to drive up the sales of jumpers, coats, boots and other apparel.

Retailers must capitalize on these projects and invest in operational efficiency and customer experience technology that delivers data in real time.

In doing so, UK retailers will uncover a multitude of strategic improvements like optimizing in-store layouts with traffic flow, staffing and adjusting operating hours to align with peak customer shopping schedules – all of which can drive revenue by increasing conversion ratios while lowering operating costs.

But to boost the bottom line, retailers must invest in the right technology.

People counting and queue management systems from Irisys, for example, are among the best solutions available to retailers. They provide the high-priority, real-time data that is essential to creating the ultimate customer experience.

Learn How to Create a Memorable In-Store Experience

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U.S. Holiday Sales Expected to Rise, Seasonal Hiring Remains Strong as Retailers Prepare for Busy Shopping Season

Posted by Allen Haynes on Oct 14, 2016 4:35:02 PM

In-store sales are expected to increase 3.6 percent to $655.8 billion, an increase over last year’s $626 billion, according to the National Retail Federation (NRF). And most of those sales will come from inside the store.

In a separate survey released by the International Council of Shopping Centers, more than 91 percent of U.S. consumers said they plan to make purchase at brick-and-mortar stores. That number jumps to 96 percent for shoppers who intend to either webroom deals before heading to a store, or make online purchases with Big Box retailers who offer in-store pickup.

These forecasts coupled with additional recent reports showing in-store retail sales are resurging negate the claim that traditional brick-and-mortar shopping is dead. In fact, these projections are especially critical for stores relying heavily on the holiday shopping season, which accounts for about 20 percent of annual retail sales.

“All of the fundamentals are in a good place, giving strength to consumers and leading us to believe that this will be a very positive holiday season,” said NRF president and CEO Matthew Shay in a press release.

Holiday Hiring Remains Strong

U.S. retailers are also projected to hire more than 700,000 temporary employees for this year’s holiday season, according to Challenger, Gray & Christmas. This forecast is no surprise as retailers are already planning to extend holiday shopping hours with many opening earlier than ever on Thanksgiving as a kick-off to the highly anticipated Black Friday shopping weekend.

The 2016 holiday season will be a pivotal time for many brick-and-mortars. Ensuring all aspects of store operations are optimized will be essential for retailers to not only seize customer loyalty and create a memorable in-store experience in November and December, but also in sustaining in-store traffic well into 2017.

“We continue to see positive consumer spending intentions ahead of the holiday season, with an emphasis on shopping in physical stores,” said Tom McGee, President and CEO of the International Council of Shopping Centers in a press release.

With customers shopping early and often this season, it is vitally important retailers take advantage of the increased exposure and create memorable in-store experiences. Streamlining all operations from front-end and store layout to staff scheduling and queue management will be essential in providing the ultimate shopping experience.

Learn How to Create a Memorable In-Store Experience

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4 Reasons Retail Stores Matter Now More Than Ever

Posted by Allen Haynes on Oct 7, 2016 4:02:57 PM





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